Eric Morin | Artist

Originally from Ville de la Baie in Saguenay, Canada, he spent his childhood observing his environment: his family, people, nature, objects.

From an early age, he liked to reproduce his surroundings by drawing.

He took a liking to painting at the age of 11, while his job as a hawker enabled him to obtain the necessary materials to create: oil paint, brushes and canvases.

Achieving good academic results, he continued his studies at Cégep de Chicoutimi in Civil Engineering for 2 years. He naturally switched to Fine Arts where he was able to discover several techniques to express himself.

Subsequently, he continued his studies at Université Laval, Quebec City, in Graphic Design. Some circumstances in life caused him to give up.

Then came a creative hole of 10 years!

It was in 2014 that he felt an irrepressible need to create. He had so much to free.

Now he’s having fun.

His Artistic Approach

Sensitive, curious, determined …

Eric navigates through three main themes: landscapes, flowers, characters.
Its landscapes, imbued with sweetness of life, evokes the nostalgia of the Quebec panoramas.

It gives way to a visual dance of small details. Slightly naive, a little impressionist, he allows himself to play with a panoply of colors. His instinctive nature allows him to create these spaces without preliminary drawings, without color palette decided beforehand. No, it’s the feeling that decides at the moment to apply the pigment.

« Generally, I sit in front of the canvas and I wonder what I want, what I feel! And it takes off, excited by the images that pass in my head. »

As for his floral artworks, he will use the impasto, giving volume and texture. It is the violence of the gesture that dictates the structure of the image. Then at the moment of calm, he will analyze, change, rework, until satisfied.

« Painting is a liberating way of expression. My creations allow me to release the bad energy and use it to make it pleasant, beautiful, in total contradiction with the feelings I feel at this moment. Me first and foremost.  »

His attraction to illustration comes from the many cartoons of his childhood. A story is evoked by each of his characters: often playful, sometimes serious, always sincere.

Eric reveals himself through his work: open, dreamy, free, sympathetic.

The Artist
  • Studies in Civil Engineering, Cégep de Chicoutimi, 2000
  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Cégep de Chicoutimi, 2003
  • Studies in Graphic Design, Laval University, Quebec City, 2006
Awards & Recognitions
  • Award of Excellence at the group show for graduates in Fine Arts, 2003
  • Jury Selected of the ArtBus competition, 2002
  • Public Choice of the ArtBus competition, 2002
Exhibitions & Events
  • Solo exhibition at the Café des Artistes, Baie Saint-Paul, Canada, 2016
  • Donation of an Artwork to the organization Gris-Québec for the Auction of Artworks, Quebec, Canada, 2017
  • Donation of an Artwork to a charity fighting against leukemia, Ottawa, Canada, 2017
  • Collaborative exhibition for the project Hommes à Distance, Carte Blanche Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 2017
  • To come, a Solo Exhibition in a Sydney gallery, Australia, 2018
Eric and the travels

His curiosity for other cultures leads him to travel frequently. It was in 2005 that he made his first trip. The bite was instantaneous. Since then, he reads and prepares his next destinations meticulously.

« Traveling is a big part of my life, it’s pushing boundaries, it’s living, it’s discovering beauty. »

Obviously, during his adventures, photography is his main medium of creation. See his pictures in the Photographs Gallery.

Traveled Destinations
  • France, 2005
  • Belgium, 2005
  • Netherlands, 2005
  • St. Martin, 2006
  • Mexico, 2007-2008-2009-2011-2012
  • Thailand, 2008-2015
  • Italy, 2014
  • Indonesia, 2014
  • Cambodia, 2015
  • Peru, 2016
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